Our Services

1. Leasing and property management from A to Z.

At QHomes, we are completely committed to changing the property management paradigm in the Qatari market, through the following commitments:

Each and every property that Q Homes leases is managed either under a QHomes service agreement or property management commitment directly from the landlord, so that we know that tenants are taken of.

For our contracts, QHomes does property maintenance in-house, with our own staff, fully trained, with IDs and uniforms to make sure there are no issues with accountability, safety and security for our tenants - oh, and our foremen are required to know how to speak English and are trained in customer service too!

2. Internet-based online service easily accessible from your home, office, overseas, or wherever you have an Internet connection

  • Your personal "secure zone" within our website with information and documents available for you to view and download
  • Quick and easy online e-maintenance ticket submission for repair items in your home
  • An advanced search engine where all our available properties (not just samples) are listed, complete with maps and a downloadable brochure

3. Free information to help you settle into Qatar or find your way around

  • The free "2012 Guide to Setting Up in Qatar", a PDF document gleaning the best of chat forums, blogs, guides, and the personal experience of expatriates to help you acclimate to your new surrounding when moving in or becoming more familiar with Qatar if you're already here